Sean fell into his business by way of love. It had never occurred to him to become a financial representative, to work with people’s money, until his own financial representative saved his family.

His wife, Nikki, was a strong-willed, passionate, driven business owner, providing for their very young family, working 60 or more hours a week, and excited to make her way in the world. Suddenly she fell ill. After consulting with doctors to find what was wrong, she was misdiagnosed and became even sicker. As she grew weaker and more vulnerable, she could not keep up her normal workload, and eventually had to lessen her time at work and ultimately her income.

This could have destroyed her and Sean; they could have lost their home, their well being, and their ability to live the good life they had been living. They could have lost everything.

Fortunately, just before Nikki became ill, she and Sean had sat with their own financial representative who pointed out the practicality of disability insurance, something they otherwise would not have considered. After all, not many people would be worried about becoming disabled in their twenties.

As fate, and healthy doses of wisdom and practicality, would have it, Sean’s wife was diagnosed and treated for her illness. An after-effect of this event caused her to change her lifestyle to fit working only part-time. Their disability insurance provided all of the financial support they needed in this time, which meant they were able to work on her health and wellness.

At the same time, Sean’s vision on life cleared up and his focus narrowed. He knew in those early moments that he would dedicate the rest of his life to helping people find the same financial security that his financial representative helped him and his wife to find. And that is just what he has done.

Grateful to have a happy and healthy wife and a firm grasp on their financial future, Sean, works every day to turn his passion into reality, bringing financial wellness to his clients so that they too can relax and focus on the other important parts of life.

Years of Experience

Representing Northwestern Mutual since 2017.

Sean P Binker

Financial Representative


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